• What happened to WestCoastGearHeads.com?

      Hello fellow AutoAdix,

      The last few months have been a bit challenging for our website - WestCoastGearHeads.com After several server issues, we've switched to a new server and webhosting provider. We worked through an entire weekend configuring and testing the new system configuration and are happy to announce we are back online!

      Some of the problems experienced included server performance issues, server crashes, and DNS problems from a recent unannounced / unexpected migration to a new server. The previous servers were not performing as they should and the downtime was too great. To make matters worse, the support process is really bad. Their 24/7 support rep usually tells you to send an email to their 2nd level support for assistance.

      A more difficult decision stems from a notice we had received towards the end of last year stating that "Gearhead" was trademarked at the beginning of 2012 and that we could no longer use the word Gearhead for magazine or apparel. This was mostly focused on our magazine we had named American Gearhead Online Magazine. We are not done researching how a company can trademark a common word that all of us have used for the past 40 some years, but going forward WestCoastGearHeads.com will point to AutoAdix.com and will include the same content we had provided for years including the ever popular Automotive Events Calendar both Local and National.

      As we search for a name for our Online Magazine, we will be flying under the colors of AutoAdix.com to continue to bring you articles, Photos / Videos, Events, and so much more!

      As part of the migration process we've accomplished the following:
      • The site is now hosted on a dedicated virtual server instead of a shared server
      • We've upgraded our software to the latest 4.X release, which fixes a few bugs and is more stable.
      • We moved the community (forum) software to the /forum folder allowing us to use the home page for a robust content management system (stay-tuned!)
      • Setup the website under AutoAdix.com, which will receive new logos, etc. over the next couple of weeks.

      Once we've settled into our new server and the new logos are in place, we'll also switch the name on our facebook page and make the official announcement introducing AutoAdix.com. We will also restart the highly requested events email updates sent to those that have signed-up on this website.

      Thank you for your patience as we work through these challenges
      We look forward to putting this all behind us and continue on our path in the Gearhead community
      Glenn Eldridge
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