• Coachmen Food Drive 2012, Newbury Park - Nov 17, 2012 (4:00 - 7:00pm)

    Well here it comes again! The Coachmen Car Club of Ventura County 4th Annual ?Food Drive? Cruise is this weekend November 17th, 4:00-7:00pm. For the past three years (Rain or Shine) the Coachmen along with hundreds of cruisers have been able to donate truckload upon truckload of food to the MANNA organization in Thousand Oaks. It?s become another fine example of ?car guys and gals? helping the extended community making it possible for many families to actually ?have? a Thanksgiving.

    Come join in on the fun and celebration at Islands Restaurant 935 Broadbeck Drive, Newbury Park, CA, 91320. Admission is only two pieces of non perishable food stuffs. There are great restaurants that surround us, so bring the family for dinner and enjoy the car show, great music from the ?50?s and ?60?s, a free raffle (Islands Restaurant has donated two turkeys), and a 50/50 raffle. The parking lot fills with cars bringing food for this event, but if you can?t make it we welcome you to drop your donations at Dave?s Garage 649 Easy St, Simi Valley, CA, 93060 (805-306-1969).

    All the Coachmen hope to see you there as a participant or spectator,
    but if you can?t make it -
    the Coachmen Car Club of Ventura County wish you
    a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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    1. Glenn Eldridge's Avatar
      Glenn Eldridge -
      I was last coming from an all day meeting down South. I hear this event went over quite well! Nice work Coachmen!!
    1. NeftaliC's Avatar
      NeftaliC -
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  • Roddin' Around

    William 'Skeeter' Rader


    About the author:

    Cars are my passion!  I’ve loved customizing and hot rodding since I was on the blvd in the ‘50’s.  Seems like I’ve always had a “collector car” and always been in a car club.


    Now as one of the directors of the Coachmen Car Club of Ventura County  I’m more involved that ever.  Not only do I own and build custom cars, but now some think I’ve become some sort of expert in producing cruises and car shows.


    Because I’ve worked in the auto repair/wheel and tire biz for over 35 years I made lots of friends in the industry  and seem to have gained their respect.  I just tried to be honest and help folks solve their “car” problems. So now I’m fortunate that I  can get out and about and meet and greet fellow enthusiasts and write a few words so others can what’s going on “out there.”