• Photos: Ponies By The Sea, Ventura - October 14, 2012

      Article by: Glenn Eldridge
      Photos by: Jackie Eldridge

      After 27-years, the Tri-County Mustang Club (TCMC) still knows how to put on a car show! The Ponies by the Sea Car Show was a bit hit and the Guide Dogs of America win once again! This show is held every year at the Ventura Harbor on a grass area at the end of the Harbor Village full of cool shops and restaurants. The goal each year is to pack the grass area with a minimum of 100 cars. This year they hit 98, but with 7 no-shows. Nice work TCMC.

      We captured a view of every car in case you missed the show.
      A favorite this year was the Classic BOSS and Shelby area, with two BOSS 429's, a couple GT350's, and a GT500.
      Not to far away was a '70 Cobra Jet that rocked the show as well.

      This show has been known for the classics, but interestingly the late model Mustangs made a statement this year.
      The '64 1/2 to 68 Stangs Lined the harbor walkway.

      Further down, three '09 - '04 Cobras made an appearance as well as a '68 GT/CS and an '07 GT/CS,
      which was the first year they brought back the California Special since 1968.

      Center field was just as cool with an original A/C Cobra.
      Since the passing of Carrol Shelby, it appears there is a deeper respect for his creations.

      Showing some love for the 4th and 5th Gen Mustangs, check out these photos.
      One of the many that stood-out is this Stang.
      These folks are known for creating a likeable theme with unique style.
      A couple years ago, they brought their Star Trek Mustang which boasted over 700hp and easily won 1st place.
      This year, they went with a Martian theme and some tastfully done bolt-ons.

      Close to the Martians was a 5th Gen GT with some major upgrades. Now dubbed a Late Model BOSS 429. There's no doubt that this car is the boss on the street.

      We talked to this '09 Shelby owner who brought a Sonic Blue '03 Cobra (Terminator) last year. Word is he traded-in the Cobra for an unheard of price and got a killer deal on this snake!

      A Twister Special, right here in So Cal. A rare breed indeed

      Even Magnuson Superchargers got in on the action with a late model Mustang and a Truck, both sportin' a Magnuson blower.

      Nate represented Galpin Autosports with a stylin' '013 that drew quite a bit of attention as well

      All of these cars were awesome originals that knocked our socks off!

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