• PHOTOS: 2nd Annual ATRA SoCal Chapter Car Show, Oxnard - August 18, 2012

      This was a rockin' event sponsored by the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA). Over 100 cars cruised in for this event. So you ask, what's so special about this event? How's this - The show was free! There were over 40 trophies awarded with unique categories that made it fair for everyone, was in a great location, music by Skeeter Radar and Jeff Gean of the Ventura County Coachmen Car Club, and was hosted by Horsepower for an Hour (Automotive Talk Radio Show). Next year promises to be huge with a venue that will knock your socks off!

      The West Coast GearHeads crew was on hand not only to take photos, we were looking for a GearHead to feature an article on. We found several candidates, but one particular GearHead stood-out at this show. You know you've met a true GearHead when you hear that he builds pristine award winning cars right in his driveway. Phil La Chapelle had seven of of his customer's cars on display at the show. We'll be dropping-by Phil's garage in the next few weeks to get all the details so stay-tuned!

      We volunteered to help park cars and captured a few photos along the way.

      The Horsepower for an Hour booth was front and center.
      Donny Caccamise and Tom Spence were both behind the mics
      entertaining all the GearHeads as they do every week on the Radio.

      So, you're probably wondering why we got a photo of the back of a van, right?
      Take a closer look on top of the van. We asked a buddy to drop by to do some aerial photography.
      Jim Martin can extend the mast up some 40' and takes some incredible shots.
      When he gets that camera back down to ground level, we'll snag a few of the photos from him and post them here. Jim's passion for aerial photography and special events has benefited so many!

      Here's a car with some unique customizations.
      This GearHead fabricated a '69 Firebird with '69 Camaro RS body components
      and did a nice job tucking those meats in the wells.

      We met-up with Ray McClelland (Full Throttle Kustomz & SPEED Channel's Car Warriors Co-host)
      at the show and shot some video of this beast.
      Tom's Camaro pumps over 700 HP to the rear wheels!

      Behind the microphones with Horsepower for an Hour,
      West Coast GearHeads' own Glenn Eldridge chuckled when saying
      that some of the GearHeads at the show probably crawled under the car and polished the bolts.
      He knew that's exactly what he'd see under this rod!

      We could easily write an article on every GearHead at this show.
      But, Tami's story about her dad and his love for the automotive industry
      reminded us about why we do what we do.
      Tami's garage is home to three awesome hot rods.
      Her dad's wish, before he passed-on was to show the cars and that's what they do!

      Check out this 'Stang.
      We know a great article when we see one!

      We caught Donny checkin' in with some of the show judges.
      They had a tough job!

      We found Liz checking out the show wearing that cool sash she won at
      the Collector Car Appreciation Day's Car Show in July.

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