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  1. Choose the Best Used Car Dealers in Miami

    If the idea of getting behind the wheels tempts you and, if you are a connoisseur of cars who knows which car to prefer, then the astute of your choice will definitely bring you to the brand which is elegant and adorable, classy and comfortable, safe yet sophisticated - The Volvo. A globally renowned Swedish automobile maker, Volvo is specialized in designing, manufacturing, marketing and sales of commercial vehicles and heavy duty equipment. The prolific brand has marked its presence in global ...
  2. AutoAdix® Community software upgraded to v4.22

    We've just upgraded the AutoAdix® Community software to ver 4.22, which includes fixes and some performance enhancements and Classified Ads (coming soon).

    The first feature is a Classified Ads section that is managed by the popular service Panjo. What is interesting about this feature is that all the ads are categorized and displayed right here in the AutoAdix? Community and extend into forum discussions pertaining to each ad listed. We currently have a classified ads discussion area ...

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  3. We've changed our name to AutoAdix

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    As some of you know, Julie and I announce the Events Report each and every week on the Horsepower for an Hour Talk Radio show, which airs across the U.S. and even Australia. We needed a name that gearheads around the world could relate to, so we?ve switched gears. We chose AutoAdix? as it best describes all of us - We are addicted to everything automotive... We're all AutoAdix. is now!

    You?re Member ...

    Updated 06-08-14 at 04:36 AM by Glenn Eldridge

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  4. Update for July 26th, 2013

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    It's been just over 24-hours since the webhost moved us to our new and final server (or at least that's what we're told). They said it would be faster than any of our previous servers with newer tech including SSD drives (Solid State Drive) for caching and 4 core host rather than 2.

    Ok... I know, enough with the geek talk. The bottom-line, the site is significantly faster and we haven't even done any tweaks yet. We'd like to hear your feedback on ...
  5. AutoAdix gets its first project - A Cobra upgrade!

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ID:	11544The timing was right for this project. The website is up, we're now flying under the cover of, and we just happen to have a 2003 Cobra in dire need of performance mods. With just over 90K on the meter, this snake has driven endured stock form minus HR springs, Magnaflow Mufflers, and a mail order tune it's entire slithering life.

    To remedy the situation, I just got off the phone with Ray McClelland at Full Throttle Kustomz (FTK) in Oxnard, ...

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  6. Website update for July 25th, 2013

    According to the website support folks, we should be technically set to go. Within the next couple of week, should be back in full swing! We have a couple of events to get caught-up on, but most of the events are up on the events calendar. We have some event photos to post with a couple of articles. Plus, the Mustang Cobra project begins with a pulley upgrade and tune. Looks like we can get back to normal after a few months of hiccups, bumps, and gear grinding... Let's go ...
  7. What happened to

    Hello fellow Gearheads,

    The last few months have been a bit challenging for our website - After several server issues, we've switched to a new server and webhosting provider. We worked through the entire weekend configuring and testing the new system configuration and are happy to announce we are back online!

    Some of the problems experienced included server performance issues, server crashes, and DNS problems from a recent unannounced / unexpected ...

    Updated 06-08-14 at 04:31 AM by Glenn Eldridge

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  8. iPhone 5 Vs Galaxy S ? Who wins the race

    The war is on. Two handsets enter the battlefield and only one leave asserting the supremacy over the smartphone landscape. For quite some time now, Samsung?s joy and pride in the Galaxy S III has ruled the industry, and when Apple finally launched the iPHone 5, Samsung announced that its ?next big thing? is already here. Recently, the Samsung Galaxy S3 substituted the iPhone 4S in the best-seller slot. There?s just six weeks on hand for the iPhone 5 to outdo the S3 and its 30 million sales and ...
  9. Internet Marketing News for the Beginners to Secure a High Rank

    Every business organization has a website of their own and they should make search engine optimization their top priority so that they can easily be able to SERP. The business firms have their websites so that a large number of online audiences can notice them and sign up with them, thereby increasing their profits. SEO is actually finding ways to improve and enhance the performance of the site and also increase the traffic of the website. If you?re a beginner and you don?t know the ways in which ...
  10. 6 Essential search engine marketing techniques

    One of the major concerns of most website owners would be to direct as much traffic as possible towards their website. For this the main thing that website owners use are seo techniques. If you?re looking to generate more traffic for your website, then here are a few things that you can do. Basically all that is needed are a few basics built into your website. It?s best if you keep in mind the fact that each of the search engines tend to have their own rules. Moreover, they?re actually known to ...
  11. Are You Aware of The Unique SEO Techniques for Web Content?

    If you want your website to rank on top of the search engine, then you?re required to follow the useful search engine techniques. In fact, proper SEO techniques can help to promote your website as well as increase the flow of traffic to your site. Therefore, it can help to increase the conversion rates with the help of correct SEO techniques. Remember, you need to select right keywords along with proper content for your website to get beneficial results.

    Here are ...
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  12. Toyota recalls 7.5 million automobiles worldwide

    A failing master switch in the driver's door of some Toyota versions has brought on more than 160 fires, according to complaints. Therefore, Toyota is recalling 7.5 million automobiles worldwide. Two and a half million of those are in the United States. Are you looking to sell or purchase a new or used auto? If this sounds like you, do yourself a favor and look into Gus Johnson used cars Spokane!

    Biggest recall

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  13. The Car Show Season is in full swing with no signs of easing up...

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ID:	10339Here it is, the end of August 2012 and the Car Show season is showing no signs of easing-up. The West Coast GearHeads crew has covered tons of shows this year with photos from each. CLICK HERE to see hundreds of photos from some nicely done events. Probably the best and most encouraging pattern we've seen is the increase attendance at the shows. Case in point, take a look at this photo from the 2012 Pismo Beach, CA Classics Car Show, spectators were wall-to-wall. ...

    Updated 08-30-12 at 09:44 PM by Glenn Eldridge

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  14. Texas drivers cited for good driving

    Drivers in Prosper, Texas hoped to be approached by the law enforcement; at least they were this last week. The police have been stopping outstanding motorists and rewarding them with $10 gift cards. Article source: Good drivers receive gift cards in Texas town

    Driving benefits
    Prosper Assistant Police Chief Gary McHone said in an announcement that over the past week, Prosper officers have been on the lookout for drivers who are adhering to the speed limit, sporting their seat-belts, ...

    Updated 05-04-12 at 07:11 PM by Glenn Eldridge

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  15. Website Update: Upgraded to new release of vBulletin

    After moving to a new but temporary server, we found that the tools to fix the database were inadequate. Fortunately for us, vBulletin released v4.1.10 a couple of weeks prior, which includes tools that resolved our databases problems. This new release brings more stability, and promises better performance; however, as long as we are on a shared server it's only a matter of time before we start having more trouble.

    Enter the new server after lots of back end configuration and testing, ...
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